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List of OKMaps Data Layers

Conservation District Offices
NAIP 2008 Statewide
Seamless NRCS LIDAR All-Returns Raw Data
NRCS 2m DEM First Return
NRCS 2m DEM Bare Earth
NRCS LiDAR Coverage 2013
NRCS 2M DEM Bare Earth Hillshade
NRCS 2m DEM First Return Hillshade
HUC12 Watershed Bndy
HUC8 Watershed Bndy
OK Public Schools 2014-2015
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1930-39 NGR
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1980-89 NGR
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1940-49 NGR
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1970-79 NGR
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1960-69 NGR
OK Historical Aerial Photos 1950-59 NGR
NAIP 2013 Statewide
Geoscience Australia's Open Day Photographs 26th August 2007
Hydrological Basins in Africa (Sample record, please remove!)
Localities in Victoria (VMADMIN.LOCALITY_POLYGON) - Comprehensive Elements
National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) County Imagery
USGS High Resolution Orthoimage Oklahoma City, OK Urban Area
10M DEM Elevation Data
Oklahoma Census Blocks
Area of Reduction (Cushing)
Woodward Tornado 4-15-2012
Seismicity Area of Interest
OF4-2015 Preliminary Oklahoma Optimal Fault Orientations
Fault Database (Industry contributions)
Fault Database (version 1)
Fault Database (version 2)
HUC10 Watershed Bndy
Conservation Districts
Carter County Parcels_WMS-ONLY
USGS Earthquake Activity-Past 30 Days
USGS Earthquake Activity-Past 24 Hours
USGS Earthquake Activity-Past 7 Days
OGS Earthquake Activity- 2016
OK 303d Waterbodies 2014
ODEQ Hazardous Waste Facilities
OK Institutional Controls
Tribal Headquarters
Tribal Jurisdictional Areas
Watershed Dams_NRCS
Starbuck Fire - March 2017
Selman Fire - March 2017
283 Fire - March 2017
Beaver Fire - March 2017
Area of Reduction (Western)
Area of Reduction (Central)
Carter County Parcels
AOI 2017 GeoProvinces
NAIP 2015 Statewide
NAIP 2017 Statewide
NAIP 2017 DOQQ Download
34 Complex Fire - April 2018
66 Fire - April 2018
Rhea Fire - April 2018
Shaw Fire - April 2018
Roadside Fire - April 2018
Martha Fire - April 2018
Highway 11 Fire - April 2018
Brake Road Fire - April 2018
Average Daily Traffic Count
OK Mesonet Sites
National River Gauge Observations
Severe Storms May 18-27, 2019
East Reydon Fire - April 2018
Oklahoma Building Footprints
April 2018 Wildfires
March 2017 Wildfires
OK Higher Education Institutions
OK Abandoned Coal Mine Lands
OK Abandoned Coal Mine Completed Projects_Points
OK Abandoned Coal Mine Completed Projects_Poly
Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP)
Oklahoma Bare Earth DEM
Oklahoma Bare Earth Contours
NRCS 2m DEM Bare Earth Contours
ODOT Rail Network OSM
NAIP 2010 Statewide
2019 Arkansas River Flooding
Statewide Parcels 11-15-2019
OK Mesonet Latest Observation-Test
USGS 24K Quadrangle Boundaries
Oklahoma Council of government Regions
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Locations
Oklahoma Correctional Institutions
OWRB Lakes
City Wards
County Collector Roads
Logan County Road Network
Logan County Title 69_No
Logan County Title 69_Yes
Logan County Title 11_Yes
Logan County Title 11_No
BLM Sections
Public Schools 2007-2008
Private Schools 2007-2008
Physiographic Map of North and Central Eurasia (Sample record, please remove!)
5-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA5)
Cities and Towns
TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2007, state, Oklahoma, County and Equivalent
OWRB Rivers
Rural Water Systems Boundaries
Oklahoma Lakes
ODOT Off System Bridges and Culverts
ODOT Local Roadways
ODOT Roadways
ODOT On System Bridges and Culverts
DOQQ Boundaries
ACOG Road Dataset
Oklahoma Fire Stations
County Commissioner Districts 2010
State Senate Districts 2010
State House Districts 2010
Congressional Districts 2010
Oklahoma Counties
Municipal Boundaries
Fire Protection Districts
BLM QQSections and Lots
BLM Townships
School Districts with Tax Code
USGS 100K Quadrangle Boundaries
USGS 250K Quadrangle Boundaries
Career Technology Districts
ODOT Roadways Division 1
School Districts
School Transportation Districts
School District Wards
Municipal Wards