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TitleODEQ Hazardous Waste Facilities
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Abstract These sites include hazardous waste landfill disposal sites, facilities that store hazardous wastes, hazardous waste transfer facilities, and certain types of recycling or treatment facilities.Commercial Hazardous Waste Receiving FacilitiesThe following facilities have permits authorizing them to accept hazardous waste from off-site generators. Specific types and quantities of waste that may be accepted are outlined in the permit for the facility. Permits are issued for a ten-year period and are modified from time to time during the term of the permit. Permits may be renewed at the end of the ten-year period. If a timely request for a renewal is received at the end of the permit term, the facility may continue to operate under the terms of the old permit until a new permit is issued.Transfer Stations Operating Under Approved Operations PlansThe following facilities, known as Transfer Stations, operate as 10-day transfer facilities and are authorized to accept limited quantities of hazardous waste from off-site generators under limited conditions. They may also combine (or “bulk-up”) certain waste streams for more efficient shipping. These sites are not required to have full hazardous waste permits, but are required to have a DEQ-approved Development and Operations Plan outlining the types and quantities of wastes to be received and how those wastes will be managed. Plans do not have an expiration date though they may be modified from time to time.Non-Commercial Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage or Disposal SitesThe following facilities have hazardous waste permits to treat, store or dispose of hazardous wastes generated by the facility, for post-closure monitoring, and/or for corrective action activities under either a hazardous waste permit or an enforcement document in lieu of a permit. These facilities do not accept wastes from off-site generators, except those marked with a “*” may accept waste from related companies. The type of permit is shown next to the facility name.
Purpose List of facilities in Oklahoma with a hazardous waste permit.
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