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TitleMunicipal Wards
Date Typepublication
Organization NameCenter for Spatial Analysis (University of Oklahoma)
Role originator
Presentation Form mapDigital
Abstract This is an ESRI shapefile of State-wide municipal ward boundaries for the State of Oklahoma. Boundaries are based on information provided by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and Oklahoma County Election Boards. This State-wide shape file is created by merging the individual municipal ward boundary shapefiles for any municipalites in the State which vote by ward.
Purpose US Census TIGER 2010 Based Municipal Ward Boundaries for Oklahoma, created by the Center for Spatial Analysis (University of Oklahoma). This municipal ward boundaries shapefile was prepared by Center for Spatial Analysis at the University of Oklahoma in cooperation with the Oklahoma County Election Boards for the purpose of capturing data related to municipal ward boundaries for any municipalites in the State which vote by ward.
Status completed
Descriptive Keywords Oklahoma State, Municipal Wards, Administrative Units, Oklahoma State
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Individual NameLeah Nash
Organization NameCenter for Spatial Analysis
Position NameAdministrative Coordinator
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Responsible PartyCenter for Spatial Analysis (University of Oklahoma)
Metadata StandardISO 19115:2003/19139